Moldy Mistake


Hello, here I am laying down on the job. I wanted to show you something that I think is essential to understand. I was in this house eight years ago and did the inspection, and when I was here, I found—some evidence of mold growth in the attic. So I called it out. And it looks like somebody’s come through attended to it or covered it up. Right. So you can see they’ve spray painted or sprayed the entire ceiling. I don’t know if you can tell that everything is white. But it wasn’t that way when I was here eight years ago. The problem is that they didn’t address the cause. And the cause is poor venting. Since it is an older house, all you’ve got is a couple of gable vents, a couple of roof vents, and a powered vent over there as well. That I don’t think is currently working. (Sometimes those can be problematic for, for a different reason.) Usually, when I see growth in an addict, the cause is you’ve got a temperature difference. So warm air escaping from the house in the wintertime migrates to the colder roof deck. And so you get this warm, moist air that meets the colder roof deck. And then it will form frost a lot of times. And then, over time, you’ll see growth occur. So, they addressed the mold growth, but I want to show you in that timeframe, since they did that, we’ve got more growth. You can see it all the way across through the bottom here. And again, the cause of that is warm moist air coming up through the minimal insulation they have here. Though typical for age, it’s not quite enough. Poor insulation, and air sealing, also exacerbate the symptoms because more warm air can escape. As warm air enters the attic, it gets to that colder roof. And since there’s not enough venting in the attic to balance out the attic temperatures with the exterior temperatures, it causes frost on the bottom side of the roof deck, and then you get growth like this.
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